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Doughnut Chart

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019

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Creating doughnut chart with free templates and examples. Doughnut chart has never been easier.

Doughnut Chart

A doughnut chart displays value data as percentages of the whole. Like pie chart, categories are represented by individual slices in a doughnut chart. If you have several parts of something one, you can demonstrate each item in one pie chart, however, sometimes you want to demonstrate the changes of those parts and doughnut chart will help you to do this. Besides, Doughnut charts can give you a great perspective of the relative changes. Unlike a stacked bar chart or pie chart, with a doughnut chart, you can get a birds-eye view of the relative change in each item of the series.
There are two types of doughnut charts: doughnut and exploded doughnut. A doughnut chart displays category groups, series groups, and values series as doughnut slices. The size of the slice is determined by the series value as a percentage of the total of all values. An exploded doughnut chart is identical to a doughnut chart except that the slices are moved away from the center of the doughnut. This results in space between the doughnut slices

Doughnut Chart Software

Doughnut Chart Software

Edraw allows you to easily create a doughnut chart by using the pre-defined templates and shapes. You can simply load your data file through the floating button on the chart, and Edraw will automatically generate a doughnut chart for you instead of drawing by yourself, which is very fast and convenient. You can also export to PDF or a variety of other graphics formats just as easily.
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Doughnut Chart Symbols

Edraw software provides you lot of special doughnut shapes, such as gradient doughnut, doughnut with handle, etc. All these shapes will enable you to draw a wonderful diagram.

Doughnut Chart Symbols

Doughnut Chart Examples

To conclude, a doughnut chart template is the best way to display all aspects of this solution's benefits for your own designs.
How to Create a Doughnut Chart
Basic Doughnut Chart Knowledge

Doughnut Chart Example - Smartphone Use

Smartphone Use Doughnut

This example use a group of doughnut charts to illustrate where people use smartphone.
Mobile Commerce Statistics

Doughnut Chart Example - Smartphone Purchase

Mobile Purchase Doughnut

From the right example, you can instantly find out what is the most common mobile payment. Visualized by clipart, the statistics become seeable.
Doughnut Chart Examples

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