Mind Map and Org Chart Tools

Mind maps and organization charts are two of the most commonly used diagrams. To help users draw these diagrams more easily, some powerful and easy to use tools are specially designed.

All of them are attached with floating direction of use. Move the cursor over a tool and the direction shows immediately. It also disappears automatically in a few seconds so that it will not block your sight.

Org Chart Tools

The Org Chart tools are particularly tailored for this type of chart. They include functionalities like adding subordinate, colleague or assistant shapes and importing data to create org chart. If you have got all data in hand, use Import function, then you can have a perfectly laid out diagram with only one click. If you choose to design your chart on your own, you only need to do some clicks, drags and drops. Edraw will handle all the other hassles including arrangement, connection and alignment.

Take a detailed look at these amazing tools from the following picture. They open automatically along with org chart document or drawing page. So do Mind Map tools.

Organization Chart Tools

Mind Map Tools

The Mind Map tools feature simplicity and feasibility. Users can understand their usages by just glancing at their icons. Several tremendous tools worth pointing out are: Insert Shape from Library, Mind Map Themes and Export Data.

Mind Map Tools

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