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DIY Stickers - Real Simple

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
DIY your own stickers of any style you like, including floral, heart-shaped, leaf-shaped or star-shaped stickers. Everything becomes simple and easy with handy shapes.

Stickers are very useful in daily life and at work. It reminds you of important things by sticking on a visible surface. To DIY your own stickers is a great idea. Make it nice and attractive to decorate your room or office and light up your mood. See some examples firstly.

Star StickersFloral Stiker

Steps to DIY Stickers

Step 1. Open Shapes Library

Start Edraw. -> Choose basic diagram. -> Double click Block 2D.

Step 2. Drag and Drop Shapes

Click Basic Drawing Shapes.-> Drag and drop the shapes you need. Such as dynamic star or heart shape.

If you need other kinds of shapes, enter the name into the search box and search it. For example, we can search all the available leaf shapes and display them to the left of the canvas.

Step 3. Edit Shapes

  1. Click on the shape to select it.
  2. Drag the green square handles to resize shapes.
  3. Recolor the shape through theme or color bar(on the bottom of the canvas).

Step 4. Insert Local Pictures

Switch to INSERT menu. -> Click Picture. -> Browse your target picture. -> Hit on OK. -> Edit the image.

Step 5. Print and Cut Stickers

Click Print under File menu. -> Cut the paper into pieces. For the complicated stickers, You can also send your file to professional printers and ask them to cut stickers for you.

Sticker Examples

Here are some nice and unique examples of stickers. They will help you take notes or make reminders easily, and they will also serve as great decorator for your house and office. Kill two birds with one stone. Why not try it?

Click on the picture to download the sticker examples and edit it based on your own preference.

Colorful Stickers
Heart-shaped Stickers

As you can see from the above sticker examples, Edraw is very flexible in diagramming. With its 1,000+ smart vector shapes, you can gain numerous kinds of stickers.

Download Edraw and experience the easiest and fastest way to DIY stickers.

Sticker DIY Elements - 10,000+ Shapes

Apply ready-to-use shapes to design your personalized stickers. This allows everyone to gain beautiful stickers easily without any drawing skills. With over 10,000 shapes and advanced drawing tools, you are free to explore your imagination and creativity.

Sticker Design Elements

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