Design E-cards of Your Own Style

Design Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day cards and so on in your own way. Replace paper cards with e-cards to protect our environment.

Definition - What does E-card Mean

E-card is short for electronic card. It is a special greeting or post card created and customized and sent through the Internet to the recipient. Customizations of e-card may include a wide variety of backgrounds and text fonts including some as cursive writing, graphics, cartoon-style animations (proprietary to Adobe), video and sometimes music.

Significance - How Can E-cards Benefit Us

The significance of e-cards lies in the benefits of environmental protection. By saving more papers, fewer trees will be cut. Another benefit of e-card is money saving since you can design in with free elements. It is also very convenient to send e-cards via e-mail, without need to rely on express anymore. An e-card can be sent to as many people as possible with a few clicks in seconds.

Steps - How to Design Your Own E-cards

If you don't have any drawing skill, get started from a ready-to-use template and then customize it. In Edraw, everyone can handle this easily.

  1. Start Edraw. Move the cursor to choose Business Card. Below the Templates icons, there are some well-formatted examples. Double click the example you need to open it. Let's take the Christmas Card as an example.
  2. When the example is opened, a group of clipart pictures are also presented next to the card. You can drag and drop these clipart images to improve the card.
  3. Christmas Illustrations

  4. To beautify the fonts, try to insert vector text.
  5. To change the background, click the Libraries button to show the drop down menu, choose General and then select Backgrounds. Drag and drop one suitable background to the canvas.
  6. Use the color bar or color palette to change shape color.

E-card Templates

Several unique festival cards are pre-drawn for immediate use. Users can also make some modifications to them. Click the thumbnails to view large versions or download them.

Tree Christmas Card
Halloween Card
New Year Card
Christmas Card
Halloween Card
New Year Card
Thanksgiving Card
Wedding Anniversary Invitation
Valentine's Day card
Thanks Giving Card
Invitation Card
Valentine Card

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