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Data Visualization Software - Visualize and Share Data in a Breeze

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Posted by James Freeman | 04/20/2021
Visualize data for deep insights in powerful data visualization software that can help you turn data into expressive and attractive visualization in a breeze. Share visuals on any platform, beautifully.

Introduction to Data Visualization

It's becoming increasingly difficult to present data in a way that stands out from the mass of competing data streams. One of the best ways to get your message across is to use visual infographics to quickly draw attention of time-crunched viewers. Displaying data visually is also possible to uncover surprising patterns and observations that wouldn't be apparent from looking at stats alone.

"Visualization is critical to data analysis. It provides a front line of attack, revealing intricate structure in data that cannot be absorbed in any other way. We discover unimagined effects, and we challenge imagined ones." - William S. Cleveland: visualizing Data

Professional Data Visualization Software to Visualize Data Effortlessly

Creating charts and infographics can be time-consuming. But the right tool makes it easier. Edraw is the optimal tool to create stunning visualizations with ease. It is a fast, flexible charting solution that allows users to explore and interpret dense data sets. It's highly customizable, working with MS programs seamlessly. The user-friendly interface is similar with Word.

Charting Software

System Requirements

Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix

Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows

Works on Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Amazing Features of the Data Visualization Software

Many advanced features are designed to ease visualization for the sake of users. Here are some of its amazing features

  1. A comprehensive diagramming package that can produce over 200 kinds of diagrams.
  2. Drag & drop interface. No drawing skill or experience is required aided by the predefined shapes (over 8500 and keep increasing).
  3. An extensive gallery of ready-made templates help users to get started most quickly.
  4. Put your data in. Export brilliance out. Various formats are supported including doc, pdf, and pptx.
  5. Share with the World: Share your visualizations with the world via social media. Or embed them on a site or blog. Your published visuals are always live and interactive.
  6. An intuitive and easy-to-use software not requiring lengthy implementation or training.

Edraw's Smart Predefined Symbols

Uses don't have to start from scratch anymore thanks to Edraw's predefined symbols. Just drag and drop suitable symbols to the canvas. A visual diagram can be finished in minutes with the smart features: auto generation, connection, alignment and distribution of shapes and easy editing through floating buttons and control handles. Check out some samples below. See more at a brief introduction of Edraw's clipart and smart shapes.

Connect Arrows

1. Move the pointer over a basic flowchart shape. Its blue AutoConnect Arrows show.
2. Click the blue Arrow that points toward where you want to add another shape. These two shapes are connected automatically

Some Block-3D shapes have a smart yellow control handle, you can change the shape in one of the following ways. This also applies to other shapes with control points.

 />Variation of 3D Box

Another example is the pyramid diagram. The floating action button is often located at the upper right corner of the shape. It allows easy modifications any time, saving tons of time compared to hand drawing.

Add or Delete Level

Steps to Visualize Data

1. Collect data needed. Restructure and clean the data to make it directly usable for the visualization. For example, translate Fahrenheit to Celsius or transform data format.

2. Analyze data. Analyze the data in detail so that you can create something interesting with this dataset.

3. Visualize dada. After the data is prepared, you can now visualize it with various kinds of infographics solution. We recommend you to use an automatic tool like Edraw, which can generate charts and graphs automatically by importing data at 1 click.

4. Interpret data. Use visualization to discover insights. Data often tell a story, which sometimes is obvious while sometimes hidden. Interpret the unique perspective on the dataset you can find from the visualization.
To visualize data more effectively, refer to Data Visualization Process.
Click here to learn some Practical Principles on Presenting Data in Charts.

Data Visualization Examples

Many chart examples and templates are provided for free download. All are high quality in editable vector format. Starting from ready-made templates to make your own visualization is the fastest and simplest way. Here are some examples created by Edraw.

Move flowchart shape


There are many methods to visualize data, new solutions and chart types come out constantly, and each strives to create more attractive and informative charts than before. It is advisable to focus on the principle that visuals should clarify and summarize the key message to be clear and concise rather than confusing and overloading the reader with superfluous information.

For more chart templates, please visit here.

Get Started! You Will Love This Easy-To-Use Diagram Software

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