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Data Flow Model Diagram

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Posted by James Freeman | 07/13/2021

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Creating data flow model diagram with free templates and examples. Data flow model diagram has never been easier.

Data flow model diagram, also called Gane-Sarson Data flow model diagrams, show the storage, exchange, and alteration of data and resources throughout the diagram. Data flow model diagram is a diagram created by using the Gane-Sarson (DFD) notation. Gane-Sarson notation was introduced by Chris Gane and Trish Sarson's in 1977.

In the data flow model diagram, Gane and Sarson represented context, data flow and data transformation through one diagram type, the Data Flow Diagram (DFD). Data flow model diagrams are a means for creating system blueprints and communicating with clients and users.

Data Flow Model Software

Data Flow Model Maker

Edraw is a very easy-to-use and intuitive database design tool and data flow model diagramming tool, through which you can easily build a professional-looking DATA Flow Model Diagram. Simply open the template and add shapes from the pre-defined library. You can simply drag and drop the shapes onto your drawing page, and the smart connectors will help you connect the symbols in a very easy way. You can design and customize your drawing with its rich color schemes and fill options. You can also use the pre-made themes with only a single click. Once you're done, you can output the drawing to PDF or other graphic format.
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Data Flow Model Symbols

Edraw software provides you many data flow model diagrams, external entity, process w/location, data store, interface, jump, angled connector, top to bottom, bottom to side, side to side, side to same side, top to top side.

Data Flow Model Symbols

Data Flow Model Examples

One data flow model template is offered to show you how useful the data flow diagram is and how powerful our software is.

Simple Data Flow Model Examples

Another simple data flow model template is provided to meet different needs of users. You can select the one suitable for you.

Reservation Data Flow Model Examples

Here we provide an editable reservation data flow model template to benefit our users, through which you can have a faster data flow diagram design.

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