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Data-driven Infographics

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Posted by Janice | 06/24/2021
Creating data-driven infographics and any kind of charts and graphs with free templates and examples. Start a free trial today!

These solutions extend Edraw Infographics with easy-to-use data-driven infographic drawing tools. The solutions include well-designed data-driven infographic examples, templates that can be filled in, and libraries of smart vector objects that can be used for data-driven infographics generation.

Edraw supports to draw 11 kinds of charts and graphs within 1 single program. Use this solution to create infographics sooner than any other application.

data-driven infographics

Capacities of Data-driven Infographics Solutions

Data Import Capacity

The data-driven infographics solutions have advanced data import capacity. Users can copy the inbuilt Excel example, replace the data with their own statistics and then import the file to make a new chart at lightning speed.

In addition, Edraw Max also supports to copy and paste information from other programs. You can insert text, pictures or other data from a MS document, Gantt chart, a Visio file or even input brainstorming or search results into the infographic you are creating.

Diagramming Capabilities

This is the best infographics creator with most advanced diagramming tools. This is more than enough versatility to design any type of diagram with any degree of complexity. You can enjoy auto generation of shapes, auto layout and smooth text entry.

Export Capacity

Edraw offers a variety of exports, making it easy to share files in the needed format. Creating output is simple: just one click allows you to export to other applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word, as well as Visio. The export capability of Edraw unlocks the information in your diagram to build documents.

The above capabilities can be summed up by the following illustration.

Dta Visualization Software

Data-driven Infographics Examples

Example 1 - Wedding Cost

Wedding Cost Column Chart

To make your presentation attractive, you need some nice charts to visualize the tedious information. This chart is ready to use in vector format for you own designs.
Learn how to make column chart.
Gain more column chart examples.

Example 2 - E-book Market Trends

E-book market trends

This data-driven infographic integrates bar, column, gauge chart and bubble plot diagram to present the global e-book market trends quite amazingly.
See how to improve presentation with charts and graphs.

Example 3 - City Competitiveness

City Competitiveness Dashboard

To visualize and deliver information more convincingly, combine several kinds of charts and graphs. Just like this example, it showcases the city competitiveness from different perspectives. Such infographics can deliver data-driven information in an easily understandable way.
Learn how to make great-looking diagrams.

Choose a Right Chart Type for Making Better Presentation

Chart Maker

Why Use Infographic for Marketing

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