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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Customized, unique and nice tree chart templates in vector format available for free download and reference. Change all shapes once at a time to have a new tree chart in different style.

What Is Tree Chart

Treechartcanalsobecalledtreediagram,treestructureordendrogram.Itisawayofrepresentingthehierarchicalnatureofastructureinagraphicalform.Itcanbeusedtoshowthestructureofanorganization,thelogicalrelationshipofknowledge,classificationofacertainobjectorthefamilymember's kinship.

For the good of users, Edraw team has prepared some customized tree chart templates that re characteristic and nice-looking. You can use them for presentation or your own collection. Anyway, view them firstly.

Edraw Tree Chart Templates

Customized Tree Chart

This template can be used as a family tree. Shapes can be enlarged by dragging the green selection handles outwards.

Fruits Types Tree Diagram

This one is about the classification of fruits. The clipart in it make it lifelike and comprehensible.

Force Knowledge Tree Chart

The above tree chart is a real benefit for those who want to learn force knoledge. All shapes are automatically generated by Edraw Mind Map maker. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. Refer to this link to lear how to create such amazing tree charts.

Characteristics of Edraw Tree Charts

  1. All shapes are vector format.
  2. Supports to export to other formats.
  3. 1-click change of theme to enhance color, fill and line style.
  4. 1- click change of all shapes.
  5. Circle, rectangle, stars and a lot of other shapes are included so that users can experience many styles. In the above template, you can change all heart shapes to pentagon shapes.

    1. Right click on the blank area of the canvas, choose Select All Shapes.
    2. Go to Home menu and click Replace Shape.
    3. Pick Pentagon shape in the drop-down menu.

    See how it will change in the following image.

    Tree Chart Template

    Smart Tree Chart Maker

    Tree Chart Maker

    You don't have to draw tree charts by hand anymore. Here you can gain a paperless and flexible solution - Edraw. It is a smart diagram maker that supports auto generation. Begin from only one shape but you will finish with a full-fledged tree chart, which takes only about 5 minutes or even less.

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