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How to Customize Existing SIPOC Templates in Edraw

> Edraw How-To > How to Customize Existing SIPOC Templates in Edraw
Posted by James Freeman | 07/13/2021
Edraw provides a group of ready-made sipoc templates for users consideration. Learn the following customization methods to turn the existing templates with your desired style.

A Variety of Ready-Made SIPOC Templates

SIPOC templates

All templates in Edraw are customizable. It's easy to change colors, theme and effect to achieve great results. A group of nice pre-defined themes allow you to instantly personalize your drawing with a professional look, fast and effective. Many shapes are designed with action buttons, through which you can set the shape number, change the shape style, and adjust the distance automatically.

What's more, Edraw has a good Microsoft integration, supporting Word, PPT and PDF formats. Easy to export, print and share with others.

Use Different List shapes for SIPOC Structure

Should our collection of unique sipoc template not include exactly what you're after, we also offer expert, custom modification services for any of the diagrams in our inventory. Simply redesign the chart using abundant built-in List and Process shapes.

SIPOC shapes

Customzie Shapes with Action Buttons

Action buttons provides a shortcut to add or delete shapes, change shape style, adjust shapes size and distance.

SIPOC Action Button

Use Flowchart Shapes in Process Section

Flowchart can be a great tool for mapping the major steps in process part. Simply open Basic Flowchart Shapes library, and use smart shapes to draw the process. Use smart buttons to automatically connect flowchart shapes.

SIPOC Connect

Customize the SIPOC Diagram

Change Color

  1. Through Fill button under Home tab.
  2. Use quick color bar at the bottom of the canvas. (Note: The color you use from this color bar will stay unchanged when you apply another theme.)
  3. Apply a quick style from the Quick Style Gallery under Home tab.

Change Theme

  1. You can apply a new theme from the Theme Gallery under Page Layout tab.
  2. Customize the theme through the color, font and effect buttons next to the theme gallery.


Download a free trial and see first-hand how quickly and easily you can create effective great-looking SIPOC diagrams.

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