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Customizing Your Fishbone Diagram

> Edraw How-To > Customizing Your Fishbone Diagram
Posted by Allison Lynch | 09/16/2021
Here, the best platform possible for Fishbone Diagram users to realize their creative potential is provided, with all necessary tools to customize Fishbone Diagrams. Abundant templates and examples are available for free download.

Though Edraw has included as many examples as possible, some users are really creative when creating fishbone diagrams through Edraw and need to customize their Fishbone Diagrams. Amazingly, Edraw offers various ways to achieve this purpose.

Apply Theme

The simplest and fastest way to customize your Fishbone Diagram is to apply one of the preset styles from the Page Layout menu. There are 16 themes in total for your option. These themes will surely work magic on your Fishbone Diagrams. With just two clicks, a theme automatically enhances color, line style and font, in an instant.

Service Workflow

Go to Page Layout menu. -> Click the drop down menu of Themes. -> Choose one preferable theme.

To change the color, use the Theme Color palette on Page Layout menu.

Theme Color

4. To change the shape fill pattern, go to Home -> Fill.

Use Pencil Tool to Create Any Shape You Like

Another way is to use Pencil Tool. It helps you add free-form shape at your own will.

  • Go to Symbol menu.
  • Click Pencil Tool to activate it.
  • Draw shapes or lines.
  • Click Select button to deactivate pencil tool.
  • To see more detailed explanation of how to use pencil tool, read Drawing with the Pencil Tool.

    Pencil Tool

    Enhance Visualization Effect with Clipart

    A wide range of clipart is included in the program. Users can easily access these clipart to enhance the diagram's visualization effect instantly. Here is an example. When listing the causes of low market share, the group of gesture shape can be applied. Shaking hands means collaboration relationship with customers. Click the image to see the entire example.

    Connect Symbol with Shape

    Organize Causes through Category Shape

    When there are many causes, it is necessary to classify them so that the diagram looks clearer. Category shape can help you organize factors better. Every time you open a fishbone template or example, the fishbone diagram stencil including category shapes will open automatically. Drag the suitable category shape to connect with fishbone and text shapes.

    Connect Symbol with Shape

    Fishbone Disgram Examples

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