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Cross-Functional Flowchart

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 10/31/2019

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Creating cross-functional flowchart with free templates and examples. Cross-functional flowchart has never been easier.

Cross Functional Flowchart

Cross-functional flowchart (including cross functional horizontal and cross functional vertical flowchart) is very useful when you want to diagram a process and make it clear who is responsible for each step. Cross-functional flowchart is sometimes referred to as a "deployment flowchart". Blocks of various shapes represent the process steps, and are placed in rows/columns of the responsible functional units. Cross-functional flowcharts are used to display the relationships of processes and responsible functional units.
Cross-functional consists of a sequence of activity steps and also the interactions between individuals or groups. Cross functional flowcharts use swim lanes to provide an extra dimension by assigning each process step to a category. Most often the category is a stakeholder (person, role, or department), but it can also be a machine, a project phase, a resource, or some other attribute. Edraw software enables you to construct the cross-functional flowcharts on computer.

Cross Functional Flowchart Software

Cross Functional Flowchart Maker

With the help of pre-defined templates and a large collection of ready-made shapes in Edraw, you can easily create a professional-looking Cross-Functional diagram. Simply drag and drop the shapes and add the information, then use smart connectors to illustrate the internal relations. To format the style, you can use Edraw's nice-looking pre-defined themes with one click, or you can customize through color, size and line setting. It has rich color schemes and fill options, as well as abundant line styles. The interface is straightforward and easy to use, with no obscure commands to learn. You can finish a nice looking Cross-Functional Flowchart in just minutes.
Download Cross Functional Flowchart Software

Cross Functional Flowchart Symbols

Cross functional horizontal templates have many special shapes, title, functional band, separator, dynamic band and side bar. All these shapes will facilitate the improvement of your drawing level and make your diagrams look more professional.

Cross Functional Flowchart Symbols

Cross Functional Flowchart Example

Edraw has a variety of cross functional flowchart examples for each kind of template which can help you get inspiration from your intuition and find the way for your own cross functional flowcharts. Meanwhile, it can also help you choose the correct template to start drawing.

A vector cross functional flowchart template is built in, which is ready to use and absolutely beneficial for your own designs.
How to Create a Cross-Functional (Swimlane) Flowchart

Purchasing Department Cross-Functional Flowchart Examples

A purchasing department flowchart template is provided. You can take advantage of it to make your own flowcharts in minutes.

Sales Management Cross-Functional Flowchart Examples

A sales management flowchart template, well-designed and readily available in vector format, is presented here for your use or reference.

How to Create Process Flowchart

Repair Processing Flowchart Example

An elaborately designed repair processing flowchart template is provided here, which is available in vector format for anyone to reuse.

Resign and Dismission Management Flowchart Examples

Here is a flowchart showing the complex process of resign and dismission. Anyone who need to draw this kind of flowchart can download and edit the template for a quick start.

Complaint Processing Flowchart Example

An editable complaint processing flowchart template is well prepared to help with new cross-functional flowchart designs.

Expense Reimbursement Management Flowchart Example

An expense reimbursement management flowchart template is well prepared for our users. Anyone who need a ready made flowchart template can easily download this one and save for future use.

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