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Quick Tips for Creating Value Stream Map

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 07/09/2021
This guide provides an overview of the quick tips for creating value stream maps and offers a directory of some other resources on the subject.

The Value Stream Map is a process mapping tool used for generating your product or service from beginning to end and mapping the flows of information and materials through an organization, it can be used as a tool to help identify and eliminate waste. To create a value stream map, you have to follow the 4 steps below:

  1. Determine the product series,
  2. Create a current-state map,
  3. Develop the future-state map,
  4. Determine the plan accordingly,

Example - Logistics Value Stream Map Template

Logistics Value Stream Map

It seems simple but requires patience for details. The aim of value stream map is to help your organization develop a plan for action. The following tips here will help you make sure to use value stream map to aid you in business organization to come up with a positive change instead of wasting time.

Four Quick Tips for Creating Value Stream Map

Tip 1: Use Proper Value Stream Map Symbols

To create a great value stream map, get a good knowledge of the several basic value stream map symbols and the key is to use them wisely. Edraw, a professional fault tree diagram software, provides all standard value stream symbols for any situations.

Value Stream Map Symbols

Tip 2: Use Pencil and Paper to Draw a Map by Hand

Start by drawing a map with pencil to lay out the steps. Then use value stream map maker to map out a complete map. For the first time, you better create a value stream map by hand to get a general idea how it works, just remember to use symbols to replace your sketching. It would be much convenient and easy to understand.

Tip 3: Limit the Number of Process Boxes

When you create your value stream map, make sure to keep it at the appropriate level or scope. Limit your value stream map to between 10 and 15 steps. Otherwise it will be too complicated.

Tip 4: Create a Future State Map from the Current State Map

The current-state map shows where to focus your efforts, so you can draft a map that shows how value will flow through an improved process.

Examples for Value Stream Map

product invoice General Invoice Sales Invoice
Graduation Procedure Value Stream Map Operation Value Stream Map Production Procedure Value Stream Map

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