How to Create UML State Chart

Edraw is the ideal and professional software for creating UML state chart and this article will provide you a guide about how to create UML state chart.

Definition and Usages of UML State Chart

The UML state chart is a kind of diagram developed by David Harel - a professor of Mathematics and Computer Science. This diagram is useful for modeling the lifetime of an object and shows the control flow from state to state.

Software designers and developers often use UML state chart to model states and also events operating on the system. It has four main usages, which are modeling object states of a system, modeling reactive system, identifying events which are responsible for state changes, forwarding and reversing engineering.

Steps to Create UML State Chart with Edraw

Edraw is a professional UML diagram creator who simplifies the drawing process of UML state chart with below 5 steps.

  1. Launch Edraw, go to Software and double click UML model diagram to open a new drawing page.
  2. Drag relevant UML symbols from left libraries and drop on the drawing page.
  3. Double click the symbols and add the information.
  4. Drag proper connector from left libraries to connect symbols.
  5. Click Save on File tab to save as the default .eddx format, or you can also select Export & Send under File to export the UML state chart to images, PPT, PDF, Word format .etc.

Here is the created UML state chart example for you

UML State Chart

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Software to Create UML State Chart

Edraw UML Diagram Software, gets more popularity among people because of its following handy features.

  1. A mass of standard UML symbols are provided for dragging and dropping. No drawing skills required.
  2. UML Symbols

  3. Abundant UML templates are offered for free downloading and customizing to meet different demands.
  4. UML Templates

  5. It supports inserting resourceful data by adding hyperlinks, note, and attachments.
  6. UML Data Insertion

More UML Diagrams Types

Except from UML state chart, Edraw UML diagram software is professional for creating UML deployment diagram, UML component diagram, UML activity diagram, UML class diagram, UML use case, UML package diagram, and etc.

UML Deployment Diagram
UML Component Diagram
UML Activity Diagram
UML Deployment Diagram
UML Component Diagram
UML Activity Diagram

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