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How to Draw a Task Status Table

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Posted by James Freeman | 04/20/2021
Drawing task status tables in Edraw is easy and efficient. It is really time and energy-saving. Check out how to do it from the article we have compiled below.

Elements for Creating Task Status Table

A task status table is mainly composed of people in charge, priority grade, status, complete progress and other information. Edraw has prepared all necessary shapes covering the above mentioned elements. The task priority and status are indicated with alert visual indicators. Firstly, you can start by learning what you can utilize.

  1. 6 Status Table templates.
  2. 3 kinds of Smart Progress shapes, 2 are bar shape, 1 is pie shape.
  3. 2 Priority shapes, one ranging from 0 to 5, the other includes Urgent, High, Normal and Low.
Prioriyt Shape4-Grade Prioriyt Shape
  1. 2 Status Shapes, one with 3 states: Error, Warning and Operational, the other 6 states: In Progress, Completed, Verified, Created, Draft and Canceled.
Prioriyt Shape6-State Status
  1. Many types of symbols including Check Box, Flag, direction Arrow, Lock, Traffic Light and Numbering and so on.
CStatus Table Shapes

Create Task Status Table from a Template

The simplest way to get a head start is using a complete example. You can double click the example icon to open and modify it.

Task Status

Here we focus on how to start from a blank table.

  1. Start Edraw.
  2. Choose Project Management from the Available Templates list.
  3. Double click the icon of Status Table template.
Template Icon
  1. Drag a blank table template onto the drawing canvas.
  2. Change the column titles by double clicking each text box.
  3. Fill in the responsible persons and other text information.

Set Priority Grades of Tasks

  1. Drag a Priority shape to each cell of the Priority column.
  2. Some connection points show in each cell when you are dragging shapes into the table. They will glue the shapes with the table and help you align the shapes. That way, you can move the table with all shapes staying connected with it.
  3. Click the floating action button and select the right Priority grade. The number of color filled stars indicates priority grade.

Note that the task status can be shown in a similar way.

Priority ColumnStatus Column

You can even type in other text to indicate the status. Clicking Reset Text will turn the modified text back to default text.

Reste Text

Set Progress Percentage of Tasks

  1. Drag one Progress shapes to each cell of the Progress column. It is suggested to use a single set of shapes for each element. Otherwise, readers will feel confused.
  2. Rest the pointer over the progress shapes and the floating button will show.
Set Progress PercentageSet Progress Percentage
  1. Choose a progress percentage or select Set Progress to specify it. The filled part of Progress shapes represents the completed percentage.
Set Progress Percentage
  1. As for the bar Progress shapes, text can be hidden.
  2. As for the pie Progress shape, a Cancel option is added. Cancel state is shown by a white cross in the pie shape.

Change Appearance of Status Table

  1. A floating action button appears when the cursor hovers over the table. Click the menu to add/delete a column/row, set row/column number or hide title bar.
Table Menu
  1. Click on any area of the table to select the whole table. A green box with dashed lines and green or yellow handles appear, called selection or control handles.
  2. Drag the square handles to change the overall size of the table.
  3. Drag the yellow handle to change title width.
  4. Click the second time on any area of a column to select a column. Some blue handles show. Drag them to change the column height (and angle).
  5. Select title bar to change its color.

More Task Status Table Templates

System Status Dashboard
System Status Dashboard
Weekly Project Status Report

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