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Quick Tips for Creating a Killer Quote Form

> Edraw How-To > Quick Tips for Creating a Killer Quote Form
Posted by James Freeman | 07/13/2021
Take a look at some important tips you need to know on how you can create a killer quote form for your business projects.

A quote form is a business offer sheet that you send to a client for the services you provide, it contains the specific prices, particular terms and conditions. A quotation can be seen as a proposal to client, and a good quote form should cover the following aspects:

  • How much you will charge for the goods or services you provide,
  • Tasks you should do to complete the job,
  • Time period you need to work on the project,
  • Payment terms

A detailed quote form will help your client decide if he will accept your quotation and let you do the job or not. So, it is very important to create a clear, concise and beautiful quote form that would make your client interested! This article will help you with the tips below that you need to keep in mind when creating quote forms.

Tip 1: Quote Form Header

In the header of your quote form, you would put in company name, company logo and contact information like phone number, company location and email address. Edraw has all quote form elements you need:

Billing AddressCompany Address and Contact InfoCompany Logo

Tip 2: Project Introduction and Job Description

In this part, you will describe your products or services. To begin with this part, you can first state a brief introduction about your proposal for the job above the quotation form. In the quotation form is the specific description of the project. As shown in this pre-drawn form on Edraw, in this part you should cover "Title", "Quantity", "Price", "Item Total", "Tax Rate" and "Tax Net".

Quotation Box

Tip 3: Price and Payment Terms

Drag and drop the "Information Box" in the library and state the price you charge in a detailed way. You have to include the details of the project. In addition, include the payment terms to this part. All information of this part can be modified if there are any changes according to the negotiation between you and your client.

Information Box for Quote Form

Tip 4: Signature

Signature is a part that must be included in every business document. Edraw has all kind of signature types for you to choose.

Detailed Signature Box for Quote Form

Tip 5: Save Quote Form as PDF and Send

Save the quote form in PDF file so that it will not be edited or changed. Once the quote form is completed and checked, send it to the right person and follow up.

Business Form Template - Quote Form

Here are some quote form templates which you can directly download and use. The ready-made templates will save you plenty of time.

quote form Price Quote Form Quotation Form
Quote Form Price Quote Form Quotation Form

Download Quote Form Software and use all the templates above.

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