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Posted by Allison Lynch | 09/16/2021
Experience fantastic presentation creation in Edraw. You will feel it like a breeze. With rich templates and enhanced features, you can have amazing slides in minutes, which look like hours have been spent in. Learn how to prepare such a presentation here.

Your presentation is the miniature of hours and even months of work. No matter how hard you have worked, a bad presentation will still lead to failure. EdrawMax helps you gain better slides with marvelous infographics. Follow the instructions below. Get this amazing presentation designer right now. Take a look at some examples in Infographics about China (Org Chart, Timeline, Map).

Open an Presentation Template

Open Presentation Template

Start Edraw. On File menu, double click the icon of the template you like.
The Background and Basic Drawing Shapes libraries open along with the example.
If you want to open a blank page, click General icon.

Enter Contents

Enter Contents

All examples include text boxes. Double click the text box and replace the sample text with your own contents. If you need more text boxes, do the following:
* Click Text on Home menu.
* Choose Text Tool from the drop down menu.
* Drag the mouse to draw a text box on the area you want to place it.
* Release the mouse and start typing.

Move, Resize, Rotate Text Box

Change Text Box

If the text box is attached with shape, changing the shape also changes the text box. If you need to alter the text box separately, follow these steps:
* Click Text on Home menu.
* Choose Text Block Tool.
* Move text box when a four-arrow cross appears.
* Drag the square purple control points to resize text box.
* Drag the round purple handle to rotate text box.

Add, Delete and Rename a Page

Set Presentation Page

Some templates have only one page, some include several pages.
To add, delete or rename a page, right click the page label on the bottom left corner.
You can also use keyboard shortcut.
From this menu, you can also duplicate the entire page, or duplicate the background only.

Insert Picture, Audio or Video

Enrich Presentation

To enrich your presentation, Edraw offers limitless possibilities.
* The first choice is illustration. Click Libraries button on the top left corner of library panel. Choose Illustration category. Select the clip art you need. Drag a clip art to your slide.
* The second solution is inserting picture from your own file. Go to Insert tab. Hit Picture in the Illustration group. Locate and open the picture you need. Hit OK.
* The third option is to insert attachment. In the Links group of Insert menu, click Attachment. Open the target file (document, audio or video).
* Similarly, you can also insert hyperlinks, vector text and other objects.

Change Background

Change Background

It is extremely easy to change background in Edraw presentation. You can chose from 48 kinds of backgrounds in total. Click Backgrounds on the library menu.
Drag one Background you like directly to the current active page. It applies to one active page each time.
Drag Empty Background onto your slide if you don't need any background.

Design Shapes to Create Unique Presentation

Drawing Tools

If the predefined shapes do not contain what you want, you can draw it yourself.
Go to Symbols tab. In the Drawing Tools group, use Pen Tool or Pencil Tool to draw any shape you need. Learn How to Use the Drawing Tools

Create Presentation from Examples

Here are all available blank presentation templates created by Edraw.

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