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Posted by Pemala Pfeiffer | 11/07/2020
Photo organigrams (org chart) are more visualized and compelling than general organigrams. Here is an ideal tool for you to eliminate many hassles of adjusting size of photos, drawing connectors and so on. This article shows you how to design a photo organigram in one breath.

You may have designed tons of organigrams(org charts) before, but you may have troubles attaching photos in them. Edraw's vector stencils library "Photo Shapes" includes 14 shapes supporting to insert photo without worry about big photo size.

The photos become a part of the shape after inserted. When you move the chart, the photo will move together with it.

Make Photo Organigram from Templates

Getting started from ready-made templates is surely the easiest and fastest way to construct organigram with photos. Edraw offers you some well-designed templates as shown below.

Steps to Create Photo org Chart

Getting Started

Before Edraw can automatically connect shapes, you need to select the exact library you need. The first step is to choose Organizational Chart from the list of templates on the Home tab. The template opens with the vector stencils library "Photo Shapes". A panel on the top has all the commands you need to design your organigram, including the "Org Chart" tab.

Learn abeginner's guide to organizational chart. Also, we've created a video tutorial to help you get started with Org Chart: Video Tutorial - How to Create an Org Chart with Data,

org chart menu

Choosing an Organigram Shape

Select your preferable shape. Drag it onto the drawing page.

Adding Peers and Subordinates

  • Click bottom floating button (or press Ctrl + Insert after selecting the shape) to add subordinates.
  • Add Subordinate
  • Click left floating button to add peers on the left.
  • Click right floating button peers on the right. (Hitting Insert can also add peers to the selected shape.)
  • Add Peers
  • To change shapes, select it and then click "Replace Shape" (On Home menu, in Replace group).
  • You can continue to add shapes where necessary and Edraw will format the chart automatically for you.
  • Note that there is no need to draw connectors. Edraw draws them for you as you add shapes. All shapes are all perfectly sized, spaced and aligned. Your chart is definitely presentation-quality from the beginning.
  • Adding Photos into an Organigram Shape

    Communicate more than organizational structure by adding photos for each position. Put a face to that name. With Edraw you can do it in lightning speed. First, select the target position and then click Replace Photo in the floating menu.

    As soon as the photo is added, it is glued to the shape and glued with its own floating button. Through this button, you can choose to replace another photo until you are satisfied. And you can also choose whether to keep the photo ratio. By default, the photo is sized automatically to fit the shape size. You can also change its size by dragging the blue control points. Right after you select a photo, the "Picture Format" tab shows. The photo's color, transparency and brightness can all be changed.

    Picture Format

    Adding Names

    To add a name to a shape, just double click in the text block and type. You can also use the [TAB] or arrow keys to navigate to the other shapes and enter the names and titles of the staff reporting directly to the CEO.

    Removing a Shape

    To delete a position or employee, press the Delete key. The remaining shapes will re-organize themselves automatically.

    Create Organigram in Word, Excel and PowerPoint Format

    Sharing your organigram with others requires only a single click. To export your photo org chart as PowerPoint file, click the orange export button on the quick access toolbar.

    PowerPoint Org Chart

    Alternatively, you can export any Edraw visual to PowerPoint, Word, or Excel using the Export & Send command in File menu (on the upper left of your work area).

    export organigram

    More Assistance

    Edraw owns a professionally trained technology support team ready to answer any question via email. Click here to learn more about Edraw support.

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