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An Easy Technique to Make Packing Slip

> Edraw How-To > An Easy Technique to Make Packing Slip
Posted by James Freeman | 07/13/2021
Packing slip is a helpful tool in sending and receiving goods. This is a simple guide to make packing list aided by Edraw.

Trough packing slip, receivers can know whether they have received all of the goods, who send them and the contact information they need. Packing slips also help ensure that all the goods you plan to send have been packed and listed. They keep a detailed record of goods list, destination and sending date. Keeping a copy of it also enables the sender to have a record for himself in case the shipment gets lost in delivery.

Compiling Information

Before you start, you need to know what should be included in a packing slip.

  • Items list (Description and quantity)
  • Destination
  • Sender's information (Name, address, phone number and Email)
  • Receiver's information (Name, address, phone number and Email)
  • Sending date
  • Choosing Template Type - Packing Slip

    Making most of the example we offer is an easy technique that can save you time and energy. If you are in a rush, this is the optimal choice.

  • Start Edraw firstly.
  • Choose the Sales template in the Forms category.
  • Double click the Packing Slip example icon. The icon looks like this:
    Packing Slip Icon
  • Enter your information by clicking on the cells and typing.
  • Print the form and save it for future use.

    Customizing Your Packing Slip

    If you want to experience the drawing process, you can also start from a blank page and customize your form.

    After you open Edraw, double click Sales template. Doing so opens one blank page along with the Forms stencils. Drag a shape to the blank page. You can also use Insert tool to make any size of table as you like. To format the table, select it and the Table menu shows immediately on the right of the toolbar. The selected part turns purple.
    Selected Cell

    You can do these operations which are similar to Excel:

  • Insert a row above/below the selected one.
  • Insert a column to the left/right side of the selected one.
  • Delete certain rows or columns.
  • Merge cells/split one cell.
  • Change one column's/row's size by dragging its edges or enter data into the dialogue box.
  • Align text.
  • Hide or show borders.
  • Calculate the sum/average/maximize/minimize number of the selected numbers.
  • Change SizeAdd/hide Borders

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