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Quick Tips for Creating Effective Invoice Like A Pro

> Edraw How-To > Quick Tips for Creating Effective Invoice Like A Pro
Posted by James Freeman | 07/13/2021
See how simple it is to create, structure and customize your invoices with Edraw. There are a few tips that will help you issue your invoice in a more professional way and save your time.

Edraw is a useful tool for your business, because no matter you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, you need cash flow to keep your business running. The first step to get paid is a more effective invoicing. This article will reveal a few quick tips for more effective invoicing.

An invoice is a bill sent to your customers to ask for payment for the goods or services you’ve provided. An invoice includes the product or services, how much payment is and when and how the customer should pay. Invoice is very important because your cash flow depends on them.

But according to recent research, only 63% of invoices are paid on time. And one of the biggest reasons for late payments come from invoices. So the following are some tips on creating effective invoices to help you stay out of this kind of trouble.

Tip 1: Cover All Information

Sending out invoices and getting paid is an crutial part of business. An invoice should include what services or products you provided, how much the client should pay and how and where they should send your payment. So the following is everything you need to get started creating invoices that look professional, are easy to track. The list is not limited and might be differ based on company policy.

  • A custom header (Business address and contact information),
  • Invoice number and date
  • Statement of services (product, price and description),
  • Any terms or conditions
  • Company logo and signature bar, etc.

Sales Invoice - Elegance Theme

Download Easy Invoice Maker:

Tip 2: Specify Contact Detail

When creating invoice, make sure company's information like full names, address, telephone number and email are included. Sometimes the invoices you send out will pass through several people before getting paid. It would be much more convenient if the person receiving the invoice knows where it is from. What's more, make sure the clarification on the items and your contact information are covered so that they would know how to contact you.

1. Company Address and Contact Information Table

Company Address and Contact Info

2. Billing Address Table

Billing Address

If contact information is not included on the invoice, that might lead to payment delays. Clients might also need your contact information to keep a record due to company policy.

Tip 3: Clarify Payment Terms

Basically, a business owner would expect the customer to pay for the invoice in 30 days. This is the standard deadline. When you send a customer an invoice, specify the date for payment, of course it could be less than 30 days. Online invoicing makes paying faster easier for customers.

Edit Invoice Form

Tip 4: Attach Documents

If you have a document that you need to share with your clients along with their invoices, just attach it to the description, terms, or the notes section of the invoice. Just a few clicks and Edraw will make your document link-able.

On the right side of the drawing page, you will find the button to attach your document.

Attatch Document

Tip 5: Automated Invoice Processing

It will take a ton of time creating invoices without the help of a proper software. So for more effective invoices, you need to set up software to automate your invoices. Edraw is an Invoice Design Software include invoicing capabilities. It is a vector-based business form maker software.

It provides all invoices elements required in an invoice:

Invoice Elements

With a large set of libraries and other extended symbols, creating invoice on Edraw should be very easy. Using invoicing software can avoid mistakes and save time. Using software to create invoices also makes it faster and more efficient, saving time for staff to focus on running the business. Edraw will make sure it meets all your needs with the features you required.

Tip 6: Use Templates or Examples

Edraw provides various professional and useful invoice examples for you to customize your own invoice, so you don’t need to worry about what kind of invoice to use. In addition, it will save you tons of time to structure the invoice form yourself.

Business Form Template - Invoice

product invoice General Invoice Sales Invoice
Product Invoice General Invoice Sales Invoice

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