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How to Create Funny Illustrations

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Posted by James Freeman | 04/20/2021
Many people love funny illustrations but they do not know how to draw funny illustrations. No worries, you will love to create funny illustrations after you finish reading this passage.

Funny illustrations can attract a lot of attention. If you insert funny illustration in your online passage it will surely help to increase your visitor volume. Now, we are going to show you how to make a funny illustrations.

Steps to Make Funny Illustrations

Many people might think Edraw is just a professional software for mind map, flowcharts, floor plan and network diagram, etc. One thing always overlooked is that it can also be used for entertainment. Let me show you how to play with Edraw.

First things first, open Edraw Max, point to New, and then point to clip art.

Start Clip Art

Double click the "Animals" to start drawing page. On the drawing page, you will find libraries and animals symbols on the left side.

Animal Shapes in Library

Click the inverted triangle button on the right of the library to open more symbols.

Illustration Shapes in Library

Use Your Imagination to Create Funny Illustration

Most men are totally unaware of the creative power of imagination. Try it, and you too will prove that your imagination is the creator.

Funny Owls Illustration

Persistent imagination, centered in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, is the secret of all successful operations. This alone is the means of fulfilling the intention.

Smiling Woman Illustration

Every stage of man's progress is made by the conscious, voluntary exercise of the imagination. Then you will understand why all poets have stressed the importance of controlled, vivid imagination.

Funny Illustration Examples

You can add some funny illustrations into your web, diagrams, presentations and so on to make them more interesting and convincing.

Love Saying Picture
Love Saying Diagram
Wedding Cost Column Chart
Love Saying Picture
Love Quote
Wedding Cost
Column Chart

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