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Create a Personalized Christmas Card

> Graphic Design How-Tos > Create a Personalized Christmas Card
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 12/23/2019
A detailed guide on how to create a personalized Christmas card with Edraw. It's easy to add your own photo on the card and make the Christmas card special and meaningful.

Christmas is coming soon and it's time to prepare presents! Are you ready for making unit and impressive Christmas cards for your family and friends? Here is the tutorial! We will teach you how to make a fantastic Christmas e-card with your own photo on! Get going!

Start a Christmas Card Drawing Page

Edraw can be used as an excellent Christmas card maker coming with extensive built-in Christmas illustrations. When you open a new drawing page, all the Christmas illustrations will automatically show on the left.

start Christmas card

1. On the File menu, point to New.
2. Click Business Card from the Template Category, and then select Christmas icon.
3. Double click the Christmas icon to start a new drawing page.

How to Edit the Background

First apply a white background for your drawing. Every time when you edit the background, you need to switch from the foreground view to background view.

White Background

Apply a White Background

1. Click the Library button.
2. Click General.
3. Click Background.
4. Drag and drop a White Background on the canvas.

Edit Background Color

Edit the Background

1. Switch to Background view. To do this, you can:
Go to View tab, and click Background View button.
Or click the quick button on right bottom corner.
2. Fill the background color using Fill button on Home tab.
3. Add decorations such as snowflakes or dots from the library.
4. When you finish editing, don't forget to switch back to Normal View.

How to Operate Text Block

Christmas Card Text Block Tool

1. On the Home menu click Text button.
2. Click and drag on anywhere of the page to create a text box.
3. Type words in the text box.
4. When finish typing, click Select button to switch back to normal mode from text editing mode.
5. To customize the font style, color and size, go the Font toolbar under Home tab.
6. To move or rotate the text block, select and operate on the control handles.

How to Insert Photo

Christmas Card Picture Insert

1. Click the Picture button under Insert menu.
2. Insert a photo.
3. Click on the photo to select it, then you can resize, rotate and move the photo.
4. You can do some quick changes through the Picture Format context toolbar.

How to Print and Export the Christmas Card to other Formats

Export Christmas Card

1. Click the File Menu.
2. Click Print.
3. Set the print options and print the card.
1. Click the File Menu.
2. Click Export & Send.
3. Choose a format and export the Christmas card.

A Christmas Card Example

Edraw has elaborately designed a collection of delicate Christmas card templates and photo Christmas card templates. Go to the template pages and get free downloads.

Christmas Card Example

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