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Create Charts by Importing Data - 1 Program for 12 Kinds of Charts

> Chart Knowledge > Create Charts by Importing Data - 1 Program for 12 Kinds of Charts
Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
To present your data or organization visually, you can do it extremely easily by using Edraw. After you get your data prepared, one click will transfer your data into a perfect chart.

Charts that Can be Created by Importing Data

With Edraw, you can import data to create many kinds of charts, including the following types.

1.Organization Chart
2.Column Chart
3.Bar Chart
4.Pie Chart
5.Doughnut Chart
6.Line Chart
7.Area Chart
8.Scatter Chart
9.Spider and Radar Chart
10.Bubble Chart
11.Gauges Chart
12.Comparison Chart

Create Organization Chart by Importing Data

  • 1. Prepare you data in an Excel document according to the format shown in the following picture.

    Data Example

  • 2. Click Import button on Org Chart tab.
  • 3.Choose the Excel document you have created in the Data Import Wizard.
  • 4. Define Name and Reports. Note: The table must include Reports To column. Reports To identifies the superior.
  • 5. Click Display Options on Org Chart tab to modify the display fields, text color, shape size and more.
  • Create the Other Kinds of Charts by Importing Data

    Edraw can also be applied to construct those charts in Chart category except for Comparison Chart. Their shapes libraries all contain 2 examples of data file showing the format of data. They are located in the upper left corner in the shapes panel. You can copy these data then replace them with your own data. Take the column chart as example. Other kinds of charts can be created similarly.

  • 1. Open the Column template.
  • 2. Drag How to Use Column shape onto the canvas.
  • How to Use Column

  • 3. Copy the data to a blank text file and replace it with your own data.
  • Data Example

  • 4. Save the file.
  • 5. Select the template you need and drag it onto a blank drawing page. Alternatively, you can also open an example.
  • 6. Click floating menu Load Data from File.
  • 7. Choose the text file created before.
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