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Create Charts and Graphs with Predefined Templates

> Chart Knowledge > Create Charts and Graphs with Predefined Templates
Posted by James Freeman | 11/26/2020
Find yourself an easy way for making personalized charts and graphs in this article. With these predefined smart templates, you can make charts and graphs of any style. Try it now.

Our built-in chart and graph symbol libraries contains highly-customizable chart templates, such as pie chart, column chart, bar chart, line chart, area chart, spider chart, gauges chart, scatter chart, bubble chart, comparison chart, etc. They are used as starting templates on which you build your own charts. To effectively use these templates, the following tips are essential:

1: Use The Floating Buttons

Floating button is an action button containing many options through which you can personalize your chart. It's located on the top right corner of the chart template, and only visible when you select the chart or hover the curser on the chart.

When you click on the floating button, a drop-down list will appear showing the options you can do. Take column chart as an example:

Use Floating Buttons

Some chart may have more than one floating buttons.

2: Adjust the Chart Size

Just as the following picture shows, use these three handles to change the chart size.

Adjust the Chart Size

3: Edit Data

Editing data is easy. Just double click on the default data and input your own data value. The corresponding shape will change automatically according to the new value. Let's take the bar chart and pie chart as an example:

Change Chart Data

4: Change the Appearance of the Chart

As your design has to go with your file theme, usually you need to refill colors for the chart. Here shows you how to customize the chart appearance:

Step 1: Choose a theme from the Page Layout menu.

Step 2: Apply quick styles for all shapes from the Home menu.

Step 3: Go back to the Page Layout menu, choose more theme color sets, fonts and effects.

Note 1: At the bottom of the canvas, there is a quick color bar, in which the colors are NOT theme colors. These colors will remain unchanged when you apply a new theme.

Note 2: You can select the legend shapes to change the series colors.

Change Chart Appearance

Card and Graph Examples

With our predefined chart templates, you can create charts and graphs for many purposes in lightning speed. See the examples below:

Ebook Market Trend Sales Dashboard Radar Chart
Ebook Market Trends Sales Dashboard Radar Chart

Download Edraw and see how quickly and easily you can make Charts and Graphs.

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