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Create a Basic Diagram

> Edraw Tip > Create a Basic Diagram
Posted by James Freeman | 07/06/2021
Uses the Basic Diagram template to explain what you need to get started quickly

This article uses the Basic Diagram template to explain what you need to get started quickly - the basics of how to open a template, put shapes in the drawing, and connect those shapes.

Choose Basic Diagram Type

basic diagram

Open Edraw. When Edraw opens, all you need to deal with is the one titled Template Categories.

(Tips: If you already have Edraw open, on the Edraw File Button, point to New, and then click Choose Diagram Types....)

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Open Basic Diagram Template

basic diagram shapes

In the Template Categories list, click the Basic Diagram category.
All of the libraries in the Basic Diagram category appear in the central window.
Flowchart Template
Organizational Chart Template
Network Diagram Template

Start From Symbols

Start From Symbols

Double-click the template titled Highlight Shapes. When the Highlight Shapes library opens, most of the space is taken up with a blank drawing page.

Because it is important to line up the shapes when you create a diagram, the page appears with grid lines on it.

Click any shape on the Highlight Shapes template, hold down the mouse button, and drag the shape onto your drawing page.

Easy Shape Operations

Easy Shape Operations

Edraw gives you multiple tools to select, move, resize, and rotate shapes and objects.

Once you have selected an object in the diagram, you can then change their position, enlarge or shrink them, and nudge them into position.

When you release the mouse button, the shape is bounded by a dashed green line that has green squares, called selection handles, and sometimes yellow diamonds, called control handles.

To learn how to use control handles, select handles, and other important shape features, see the article Shape basics in the help.

Connect Shapes and Link Data

 />Connect Shapes and Link Data

Connect the shapes together by using the Smart Connector.

You can add hyperlinks to any shape, page or files.

The document also supports attachment, note and callouts.

Gain greater productivity in diagramming with features like automatic alignment and arrangement of all shapes.

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