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Common Diagrams Introduction

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Posted by James Freeman | 07/13/2021
Enables professionals and junior staff strong drawing power. Edraw is not only the best business drawing software in the world, but also the most user-friendly software.

Aiming at assisting users for visualization processing, Edraw is an essential technology in business. With pretty easy drag-and-drop drawing operation technology, existing templates and symbol base, graphs by Edraw can be equivalent to excellent artists. Here is a brief introduction of some common drawing diagrams.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram contains basic shapes like arrow, triangle, star, cross etc., and of course all kinds of block diagrams. Users can choose, according to their requirements, basic 2D or 3D shapes that are different slightly between. Take 2D frame and 3D frame for example, the former one is two-dimensional but without single-point perspective, while the later one is more authentic with single-point perspective.


Flowchart provides an integrated process of explaining visualization, which adopts more common templates to specifically explain data system process, business department interaction and motivation of employees. Flowchart contains lots of catalogues including Work Flow Diagram, Audit Diagram, Data Flow Diagram and Cross Functional Diagram.

Form and Chart

Users can modify diagrams relating to pictures and grids according to relating data statistics. For example, item numbers in diagrams and corresponding numbers can vary from different inputting. All kinds of diagrams are available for option, including bar, linear and pie chart, even template for creating FAX cover and business card.

Network Diagram

Network diagram can be:

Computer network diagram, a depiction of nodes and connections in a computer or telecommunications network

Graph drawing, methods for visualizing graphs and networks regardless of their application

Project network, a flow chart showing the sequence of a project's tasks and their dependencies

Social network, a social structure of individuals or organizations

Office Layout

Apart from architects, carpenters and interior upfitters, other people also like to use it. An office layout can help managers and management staff plan layout of office. it can help calculating how many furniture (and plants) can be moved in or out of new office. An office layout can also be convenient for installing power sockets and telephone jacks, for adjusting proper position to improve employees' productivity.

Organization Chart

Organization chart graphically represents the management structure of an organization, such as department managers and non-management employees within a company. This chart is valuable in that it visualizes a complete organization by means of the picture it presents.

Project Chart

Project Schedule is a listing of milestones, activities and deliverables of projects. For a healthy project schedule, the schedule must be constantly updated. The Estimation at Completion (EAC) value must be equal to the baseline value. And the remaining effort must be appropriately distributed among team members (taking vacations into consideration).

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