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Better Communication & Better Job Based on Color Personality Theory

> Edraw Knowledge > Better Communication & Better Job Based on Color Personality Theory
Posted by James Freeman | 07/13/2021
Present personality types in visual diagrams. Learn how to achieve better communication and job according to color personality theory. Create circular diagrams in an easy to use tool. Download free matrix diagrams about personality analysis.

You can understand people and yourself through personality analysis. Better understanding brings better communication which can improve teamwork, leadership, sales and career.

There are many theories about personality. Here's how Zichy suggests we look at ourselves when we learn about our personalities: Your brain is a village with four neighborhoods. You'll have a preferred neighborhood, one where you feel "most productive and energized," she says. And the others are accessible at any time - albeit, sometimes with a higher level of stress.

Application of the Color Personality Theory

Determine Occupation According to Personality

By testing our personality type, it helps us see our overall preference patterns, which can allow us to make more informed choices as to jobs and work environments. And we might see, as Cutler did, that we are not the problem - but, rather, that our personality type is underrepresented in our particular workplace. When we're in roles and environments that allow us to play to our natural strengths and inclinations, we experience more satisfaction and successes and less stress and burnout, says Zichy, author of a new book, "Career Match: Connecting Who You Are with What You'll Love to Do" (AMA, $15). Refer to the following chart.

Color Personality Matrix Diagram

Communicate and Associate better by Analyzing Personality

People of different personality types receive, digest and communicate information differently. You may have found that you can get on so well with some people while others irritate you instantly. Actually, you can get along with most people by tempering your dominant traits. If you find that others are not responding to you favorably in social situations, it may be that your personality traits are rubbing them the wrong way.

For example, for those people with blue personality, try not to talk as much and allow others to join in the conversation. And remember that don't be always so quick when talking. Consider other people's feelings before saying something that could be interpreted as blunt or impolite. Yellow personality type of people's voice tends to be soft and gentle. Sometimes, they may speak not loud enough. Therefore, they should turn up voice especially during public speech. For a Relater-Supporter, one day without a smile, kind words, and friendliness from others is like a flower without air, sunshine, and water. The flower will wilt, just as the Relater's heart will hurt. Love , care and appreciate a Relater-Supporter, and the Relater-Supporter will love and appreciate you back ten-fold.

Celebrity Examples of Color Personality

If you still think its is difficult to identify people's personalities, you can look at some examples. The diagram below shows some celebrities who are representatives of different kinds of personality.

Color Personality Matrix Diagram Video Tutorial - How to Create a Circular Diagram

Circular Diagram Examples and Templates

Circular Diagram

Circular Diagram Symbols

Circular Diagram - Big Five Personality Dimensions

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