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Free Vector Cliparts - Spring Festival

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Posted by James Freeman | 01/26/2021
Edraw provides a free vector clipart collection of Spring Festival for users to design exquisite cards, infographic, and flyers which are related to this festival.

Vector Clipart Library - Spring Festival

Spring Fesitival is one of the most important festivals for oriented countries in Asia especially China. You may find that many Spring Festival related elements may appear for quite a long time. It seems that red and golden are common colors accompanied this theme. Thus, Edraw prepared a series of vector Spring Festival element cliparts for different uses. All those cliparts can be edited freely by changing the size, shape and color to apply to different graphics. Also it enables you to design related works efficiently.

Spring Festival Clipart library Edraw

Free download Edraw Max to try those free clip arts:

Applications of Spring Festival Cliparts

Below are some examples which show the applications of Spring Festival element cliparts in making cards and graphics. You can not only make the most of abundant Spring Festival cliparts, but also draw such graphics with this software easily.

Bamboo-based Spring Festival Card

Spring Festival Clipart Application 1

Chinese Knot and Firework Style of New Year Card

Spring Festival Clipart Application 2

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