Free Vector Kids Transportation Clipart and Examples

Here is a series of free vector kids transportation clipart and examples collection of which cover planes, ships, cars, bikes and more!

Vector Kids Transportation Clipart Library

The access to public transportation is one of the key factors in terms of urban development. You can see categories include bikes, planes, cars, trucks and more in the following screenshot. Have fun right now by dragging and dropping all of these cute kids transportation clipart in the built-in library of the free download Edraw Max.

kids transportation clipart

Free download Edraw Max to try free kids transportation clipart:

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Customize Your Own Kids Transportation Clipart

It is quite easy to edit the default clipart. Just drag one of the images to change the size, or you can use the preset auto-create tools to change the colors, shapes, directions, shadow effect and more. You would find it is as convenient as using Microsoft Office software. If you are an experienced designer, you can draw your own clipart and save it to the preset Edraw Max library!

edit kids transportation clipart

Kids Transportation Clipart Examples

Here is an example of public road kids transportation clipart made by Edraw Max. Have a try for the free download clipart design software Edraw Max and start creating your work with more preset building clipart!

kids transportation clipart example road

This is another example of kids transportation clipart of a city. You can drag and drop more bikes or boats on your clipart design, or change the background to the dark night effect.

kids transportation clipart example ships and planes

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