Free Vector Common Objects Clipart and Examples

Here is a free collection of vector daily common objects clipart which cover school bags, mobiles, daily accessories and more.

Vector Daily Common Objects Clipart Library

Daily common objects clipart images are quite useful in displaying educational or lifestyle of students. You can clearly see many of the common objects in the following diagram like rulers, scissors, magazines, paint box, toy bear, umbrella, a pair of gloves and more. Use Edraw Max to simply drag and drop any of these preset vector-based clipart collections for your work.

common objects clipart

Free download Edraw Max to try the free common objects clipart:

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Edit Your Common Objects Clipart

All the clipart images in the Edraw built-in design resources library are editable, so you can change their default colors, sizes, shapes, or rotate your clipart. The software also has many auto-create options for design learners to draw various types of diagrams or graphics.

edit common objects clipart

Common Objects Clipart Examples

Design with clipart is quite fun. Here are two of the examples for you to check out. The first one here shows a boy who is doing this homework with a set of study accessories such as rulers and textbooks.

common objects clipart example doing homework

The second clipart example here shows you a girl who is creating her work in a painting class. You can create more cute animal clipart by using the free download clipart design software Edraw Max!

clipart example painting class

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