Free Clipart for Presentation, Homework and Diagram Design

Hundreds of free clipart are available to improve visualization. Apply them to enhance your presentation, homework design, diagramming or any other field.

Edraw offers a rich collection of clipart to facilitate diagram building. Their vivid nature will bring life to your presentation, charts or worksheets. See how they can strengthen visualization effect below.

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Clipart for Interesting Homework Design

If you are a kindergarten teacher, or you have kids, you can benefit a lot from Edraw clipart. With them, you can design interesting worksheets as homework. They are nice-looking and lifelike, so they can arouse students' interest better. Learn how to do it in Make a Kids Worksheet Instantly. Here is an example.

Weather Worksheet Example

More Worksheet Examples

Animal Worksheet

Color Worksheet

Alphabet Worksheet

Fruit Worksheet

Clipart for Impressive Presentation

Most people need to make presentation once in a while. But few can outstand. Edraw presentation designer offers you not only templates but also rich clipart to help you wow your audience. All built-in illustrations are high quality, easy to use and editable, including animal, food, weather, religion, school, office and people. And the list goes on and on. When making your slides, drag clipart directly onto your slides, without need of drawing, downloading and importing. For example, you can use a picture of banana to highlight the topic when explaining the benefits of fruits.

Healthy Diet

Clipart for Various Diagram Creation

No matter what kind of diagram you are making, you can think about using clipart to bring your works to life such as mind map, orgnizational chart or venn diagram and so forth. The advantage of Edraw's clipart lies in its vector format and ease of use. After being enlarged, they still remain clear. Their colors can be changed at one click, too. You can even easily rotate them by dragging the control handle or flip them easily. Below are some examples showing how clipart can enhance visuals.

Market Cause Effect Diagram

Daily Work Schedule Brainstorming

Company Structure

Venn Diagram 4 Circle

Versatile Toolkit for Tremendous Presentation

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