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Clipart for More Vivid Cause and Effect Diagram

> Edraw Symbol > Clipart for More Vivid Cause and Effect Diagram
Posted by James Freeman | 09/16/2021
Use clipart to increase visualization effect of your cause and effect diagram. Various clipart about different topics are available at your fingertips here.

Introduction to Clipart

Do you want to personalize your cause and effect diagram? How to make it outstanding? How to gain attractive diagrams easily? Edraw helps you solve all the above questions. It brings your canvas to life with a large number of clipart libraries. The included clipart is categorized as Animal, Business, School, Fruits, Religion and so forth. Here are some examples about how to take advantage of these illustrations. Download Edraw and gain all the above mentioned clipart.

Example 1 Sales Decrease


Inthisexample,thePresentationSymbolsareapplied.Thearrowexpressesthedeclineofsalesvolumevividly.Thequestionmarkcanreallyevokepeople's thoughts and inspire them to seek for answers. In Edraw, these illustrations are all well-prepared in advance so users just need to drag and drop them. Here is a detailed guide about how to use them.

  1. Click the Libraries button on the left of the canvas.
  2. Choose Illustration group from the drop down menu.
  3. Select Presentation Symbols.
  4. Drag the clipart you need to the suitable location of the canvas.
  5. Drag the selection handles (round green points around the shapes which appear when shapes are selected) to resize the shapes.
Sales Decrease Ishikawa Diagram

Example 2 Low Market Share

Market Cause Effect Diagram

In this example, the cause in terms of Personnel is clearly visualized by a Women Staff clipart. It is from Professions group in Illustration library. This group of illustration also includes pictures of teacher, police, nurse, writer and so on. The other Gesture illustrations are also very lifelike. Through these pictures, ideas can be expressed more clearly and readers will understand the meaning at a glance. Aided by these lifelike clipart, your cause and effect diagram will instantly become unique, appealing and outstanding, like no other. You can download more Featured Ishikawa (Cause and Effect) Diagram Templates.

Sales Decrease Ishikawa Diagram

In a word, beautiful things are not always hard to get. We strive to offer you the best. You just enjoy. Learn more ways to make your diagrams personalized and outstanding in Customizing Your Fishbone Diagram.

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