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Tips to Decorate House with Wallpaper

> Edraw Knowledge > Tips to Decorate House with Wallpaper
Posted by Janice | 01/06/2021
Decorate your house with nice-looking wallpaper to make it look elegant and beautiful. Check out some useful tips to choose your desired wallpapers.

Why Decorate Rooms with Wallpapers

Turing the cold and stony wall surface into good-looking artistic graphics will make your house cozier. Wall coverings increase visual interest by adding pattern, texture and color to a room, providing comfort for people in it. Check out some useful tips to help you decorate house with wallpaper.

You can use our easy wallpaper design software to make your own unique wallpapers.

Tools and Materials Needed

  1. scissors
  2. screwdrivers
  3. putty knife
  4. tape measurer
  5. pencil
  6. seam roller
  7. torpedo level
  8. pre-pasted wallpaper
  1. sanding block
  2. fine sandpaper
  3. wallpaper water tray
  4. sharp utility knife
  5. plastic straight edge
  6. wallpaper brush
  7. framing square
  8. smooth work surface

Tips for Choosing Wallpaper

You can decorate your home with different styles of wallpapers for different visual effect or you can also stick with your favorite style. Here are some basic visual effect of some commonly used wallpaper styles.

  1. Large patterns offer the most visual effect to a room. A room decorated by large patterns seems smaller and people in it feel more intimate. Such wallpapers are ideal for bedroom.

  2. Large patterns on all the walls with plain, light ceilings help retain a feeling of height when design elements have a vertical thrust.

  3. Diagonal stripes often give direction and offer feeling of movement.

  4. Patterns with strong vertical lines make a ceiling look higher. On the contrary, horizontal stripes make a room seem wider.

  5. Wallpapers with plants and flowers make the room look like open space and people feel relaxed in the room.

  6. Wallpaper with graphics of fruits, vegetable and cooking utensils are perfect choice for decorating kitchen. Beware that blue is appetite-suppressing color so it is not a good option for kitchen decoration.

  7. The best choice of wallpaper for study decoration is one with orange background since the best color for concentration and productivity is orange. If printed with encouraging motto, it will be better.

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Wallpaper Examples

More wallpaper templates are listed below for your reference. You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge and download them.

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