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Posted by Allison Lynch | 04/20/2021
Think about diagramming, text and format tools, functions and all other necessary factors before buying organization chart software. Choose an automatic all-in-one diagramming tool to fit your need and gain the best results.

What is the best tool to gain organization chart? The best organization chart software offers the following capabilities. The lack of each of these functions will lead to waste of time and frustration. Carefully weigh all features the software offers and its usability before making the final decision.

Diagramming Tools

The first and upmost factor to consider is certainly diagramming tools. Auto generation is important if you need to save time. You may think that drawing connecting lines is not difficult at all. However, if they are not automatically connected, tons of repetition will be required as you move and adjust shapes. For example, Edraw offers the following org chart tools to ease the process a lot.

Org Chart Tool

When you select one organizational chart shape, you can use the context menu to add subordinate, colleague or assistant. The org chart creator will auto-align, auto-space, and re-layout shapes. All are quick and easy. See more detailed guide about how to use these tools in Mind Map and Org Chart Tools.

Data Import Function

Perhaps you have got an Excel file containing all necessary information to make an org chart. If so, congratulations to you. You can use a software containing data import capability to eliminate all the fuss about data entry, such as Edraw. More advanced import features include adding telephone numbers or email addresses, and even linking other data. Most of other software does not have this feature.

Org Chart Tool

Text and Format Tool

Two more factors to weigh when selecting organigram charting tool are text and format tools. Adding visual elements such as design and color themes, picture inserting and graphics style options are worthy of consideration. Edraw's shapes are all designed with text boxes which are adjustable. Its advanced formatting tools allow perfect layout with only 1 click. If you still want to be able to easily add backgrounds or color gradients, rely on Edraw. Being able to easily customize the look of your org chart is definitely worthy of consideration.

Org Chart Tool

Price and Application Factors

If you need to draw diagrams frequently, including other kinds of charts like mind map and flowchart.You'd better purchase automated, full-packaged solutions. Even though it may cost more, it will absolutely save you countless hours of time and frustration in the long run. To be efficiency-oriented, have better use of time than futzing around with clunky manual drawing software. What is more, good product doesn't have to empty your pocket. Edraw is an all-in-one diagramming tool affordable to most people, offering discount to students and education institutions.

Ease of Use

No matter how powerful one tool is, if it is hard to use for most people, it may still be pointless. Therefore, simplicity is as important as functionality. Imagine how well you'll feel if you can use the software as soon as you get it, with virtually no learning curve. Edraw team tries to be most considerate, designing dynamic help which will pop up every time user chooses a tool and embedding all necessary help right in the software. As long as you try. you are sure to master and fall in love with this super easy software. See its user-friendly interface similar with MS Word below.

Home Menu

Help and Support

When creating more complicated organization charts, users are bound to have questions or hit a snag no matter how simple the software is. Make sure that you buy from a trustworthy company that provides support, telephone or email. Visit their websites and check out their training and FAQ sections. The best org chart software companies will provide videos, tutorials, screenshots and other helpful resources. Edraw team is always ready to help you for free, so feel free to contact us.

Edraw Features

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With the following amazing features, Edraw is absolutely an excellent org chart tool. It has already gained more than 6 million downloads. Most hard stuff has already been tackled by Edraw, users can just indulge in their amazing works made with little effort.

  • Shapes and connectors can be generated automatically.
  • Shapes generated automatically are same size by default.
  • Relayout requires only 1 click.
  • Specialized org chart tools enable easier and faster formatting and modification.
  • Photo shapes contain action button which allows quick insertion of photos.
  • Photos are resized after inserted to fit shapes automatically.
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