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Camp Groups Brainstorming Examples and Templates

> Mind Map Examples > Camp Groups Brainstorming Examples and Templates
Posted by James Freeman | 01/08/2020
This brainstorming example shows the division of camp groups, which is created by Edraw brainstorming software. Users can use it as a template to quickly create your own brainstorming diagrams.

Camp Groups Brainstorming Examples

Camp Groups Brainstorming template can save many hours in creating great camp groups brainstorming by using built-in symbols right next to the canvas. You can download and modify this brainstorming diagram for your own use.

Camp Groups Brainstorming Template

Download Camp Groups Brainstorming Templates in PDF Format

Download Camp Groups Brainstorming Templates in Editable Format

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Brainstorming Diagram Examples - Camp Groups

Group 1: Rain Flood

Country - Vietnam
Color - Green
Group Leaders - Peter / Lucy / Lora

Group 2: Tsunami

Country - Philippine
Color - Blue
Group Leaders - Yoyo / Steven / Adam

Group 3: Thunder Storm

Country - Thailand
Color - Orange
Group Leaders - Olivia / Simon / Anelia

Group 4: Landslide

Country - Malaysia
Color - Yellow
Group Leaders - Ted / Ben / May

Group 5: Earthquake

Country - Laos
Color - Purple
Group Leaders - Anna / Paul / Mike

Group 6: Hurricane

Country - Indonesia
Color - Red
Group Leaders - Martin / Kelsey / Ada

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