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Business Workflow Diagram

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Posted by James Freeman | 10/31/2019
An outline of the key operations of the business is necessary for better understanding and management. Here is a business workflow diagram for business managers as well as related employees. Check out the simple steps to make it.

What is Business Workflow Diagram

After you have got your business off and running, you need to continue to manage it systematically to gain profitability. Business operations usually require operational plans and procedures to suit the different aspects of the management. These might include
  • An outline of the key operations
  • A written procedure for a process,
  • An action plan for business objectives,
  • A customer service charter,
  • Some benchmarks for products or services and
  • A staff management plan.
  • A business workflow diagram captures a business process, which is the outline of the key operations. It's one of the many visual models that BAs use in their work. See an example below.

    Workflow Diagram Software

    Many people believe workflow diagrams need to be created by someone with specialized programming knowledge. But with the right software, that's not the case. Even the most complex business processes can be mapped with Edraw Workflow software, which has been developed with a user-friendly graphical interface. The wide range of intuitive tools allows anyone to build professional, accurate work flow diagrams without any coding skills whatsoever. Edraw is a rapid and powerful workflow drawing software, providing rich pre-defined shapes for drawing workflow diagrams.

    Workflow Diagram Software

    Steps to Diagram a Workflow

  • Identify your goal for diagramming the workflow. Many of the decisions you'll make in terms of detail and scope will be driven by your purpose for diagramming the workflow in the first place.
  • Identify the process. Analyze what work or activities happen in your business.
  • Name your processes. When naming your processes be clear and specific. Label each process with its name so that readers can understand the process better.
  • Identify a clear start point and end point for the process. Readers may be confused if the diagram is not displayed clearly. The most common mistake we make while diagramming workflow is that there is not a clear starting point or ending point.
  • Find out the sequence between all processes. Only after you become clear of the sequence can you know how to
  • Use automated software to draw the business workflow diagram: Edraw is a perfect choice. See How to Create a Workflow Diagram.
  • Business Workflow Examples

    E-Commerce Workflow Example

    ECommerce Workflow

    Business Workflow Example

    Taxi Service Workflow

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