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Build Evacuation Diagram with an Automatic and Powerful Tool

> Floor Plan > Build Evacuation Diagram with an Automatic and Powerful Tool
Posted by Janice | 11/06/2019
An automatic and powerful tool for building evacuation diagram is offered on this page. The detailed guide about how to build evacuation diagrams is also presented here step by step.

Introduction to the Evacuation Diagram Software

Here is an easy and effective solution to gain professional evacuation diagrams. The answer is to use feature-rich software packed with drag and drop interface like Edraw, which has automated many operations. It has taken out many difficulties and hassles so that users just need to follow some simple steps and enjoy the high quality output.

Fire Evacation Diagram User Interface

Directions of Building Evacuation Diagram

Before actually building the diagram, the builder needs to prepare some data. Measure the house, record the location of fire extinguisher and horse and the emergency phone and then figure out a suitable plotting scale.

The first step is to open the stencil including essential ingredients in building evacuation diagrams. Start Edraw. -> Point to New. -> Opt for Floor Plans group. -> Double click Fire and Emergency Plan icon.

Choose Floor PlansFire Evacuation Icon

Through the first step, all libraries needed will be opened on the left along with a blank canvas on the right.

Make Emergency Evacuation Diagram

The second step involves choosing, editing and distributing shapes. From the library panel, drag and drop proper shapes onto the canvas. Resize them according to plotting scale. Connect them based on the house structure. Some shapes can be connected directly, such as the Wall shapes. Resize them through the green selection handles. Move them by selecting and dragging them. When necessary, use Rotate & Flip, Align and Distribute functions in Arrange group on Home tab to edit shapes.

Edit ShapeConnect Wall

Edit Shapes

Thirdly, add labels to shapes to indicate what they represent. All shapes have attached text boxes. Double click them and type in contents. To add more text boxes, use Ctrl + 2 command and then drag the mouse to draw text boxes.

By now, a vector format evacuation diagram has been built. Try it yourself and see how fast it is. To center the whole diagram, right click on any blank area of the page, select Center Drawing. You can also choose a page size that just fits the drawing size by clicking Fit to Drawing.

Center Drawing

Here is one complete fire and emergency plan example created by Edraw.

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Learn more about Fire and Emergency Plan Symbols.

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