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Brainstorming Diagram Symbols

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Posted by James Freeman | 06/24/2021
Pre-drawn brainstorming diagram symbols represent main idea, main topic, sub topic, main topic, rectangle callout, etc. These symbols help create accurate diagrams and documentation.

Edraw software includes many special mind map shapes, main idea, main topic, sub topic, main idea, relationship, rectangle callout, ellipse callout, floating shape, etc. All these shapes will surely facilitate your drawing of your favorite mind maps.

Brainstorming Diagram Symbols

Brainstorming Diagram Shapes

Brainstorming Diagram Symbols

Brainstorming diagram templates contain many useful mind map shapes, main idea, main topic, sub topic, main idea, relationship, etc. Also, you can choose any symbol you like, red flag, blue flag, green flag, dynamic arrow, question, finger V, etc.

Main idea of a diagram is what this diagram is about. The rest part of the diagram are details that support the main idea.

Brainstorming Diagram Symbols 2

Thumbs up is a gesture in which you hold your hand out with your thumb pointed up in order to say yes, to show approval, etc.

Thumbs down is a gesture in which you hold your hand out with your thumb pointed down in order to say no, to show disapproval, etc.

V sign is a hand gesture in which the first and second fingers are raised and parted, whilst the remaining fingers are clenched. It is commonly used to represent the letter "V" as in "victory".

Brainstorming Diagram Symbols 3

Shopping cart is a small wheeled vehicle with two or four wheels typically pushed by hand.

Battery is a container consisting of one or more cells, in which chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as a source of power.

Brainstorming Clip Arts

Brainstorming clip arts can be used to decorate your brainstorming diagrams. They are in the library of "Brainstorming".

Brainstorming Clip Arts

Variations of Brainstorming Shapes

The Relationship connector is designed with two yellow diamond points for changing its looks. Select it and the control points will show.

Variation of Relationship Shape

Rectangle Callout can be used to add description to a topic at any direction. The control point can be moved 360 degree around the shape, forming different styles. And the Ellipse Callout is similar.

Variation of Rectangle Callout Shape

Variation of Ellipse Callout

Some symbols are also smart shapes, such as the Dynamic Progress. You can choose different completion percentage from the floating action button. You can also specify any value from 0 to 100 percent through Set Progress.

Progress Floating ButtonProgress Dialogue Box

Variation of Dynamic Progress

Numbers shape is like a text box. Double click the shape to change number. The inside number can be changed the same as other text. When you are adding numbers, the shape adjusts size automatically.

Variation of Numbers ShapeBlack Numbers

Need fresh looking brainstorming diagram symbols for your design? These brainstorming diagram symbols are a cinch to pop in. And their crisp, fine detail will make spectacular, easy-to-understand diagrams and presentations to your customers.

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