Wireframing Tool – Help Plan Your Web Site

When designing a new website, wireframing is always the first step one should consider. It helps visualize your idea to see if what you have in mind will work properly. There are many different kinds of wireframing tools available on the internet to help plan your website. With an effective wireframing tool in hand, you don’t need to write code or draw a bunch of pictures and symbols, so that a lot of precious time can be saved.

The newly released version Edraw Max 7.7 has included the wireframe design section, which is good news for users who have the need of designing websites. Based on the advanced functionality and years of technology accumulation in diagramming, it has an exceptional advantage in website prototyping.

Firstly, it has built in special templates for iPhone UI, Windows 7 UI, Website Wireframe, Conceptual Website and Website Map, each equipped with corresponding symbol libraries. With these pre-made symbols, tremendous drawing work can be saved, what you have to do is simply drag and drop any symbol or graphic element you want to add. What’s more, all the symbols are in vector format, allowing you to modify based on your needs. You can easily move, resize and rotate the symbols.

wireframe symbols

Secondly, it has a Microsoft-like interface, which is straightforward and easy to use, which allows you to sketch out a prototype of your website quickly and easily. With a Ribbon on the top, canvas at the middle and symbols library on the left, everything you see is familiar, that even novice users could pick it up immediately.

Thirdly, in order to clear up the confusion and increase drawing efficiency, exquisitely-created wireframe examples are provided respectively for each drawing type. Besides, dynamic help is embedded in the program to help instruct the drawing process.

Fourthly, a set of smart tools are provided for automatic formatting. You can easily arrange, rotate, group and align objects with these smart tools. Customizable grids and lines help you easily layout. You will be surprised by how user-friendly it behaves.

Last but not the least, it’s printable and sharable. With only a few clicks, you can print your wireframe design or export it to different formats according to your requirement. We have included the ability to export to PDF, PowerPoint presentation, Word document, SVG,PNG and many other graphic formats. Thus, you can share your wireframe design easily with customers to illustrate the progress of your design work, or share with other designers for review and feedback.

Below is a complete example of website wireframe

website wireframe example