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Easy Wallpaper Design Software

Excited about the idea of fabulous wallpaper but afraid to paint (and make it stick)? With an easy to use diagramming tool, you can put your wow-worthy ideas into reality and present them on wall. If your walls could talk, they would thank you. Want to design more stylish picks on your own? Let Edraw help you.

To begin with, have a look at one sample wallpaper designed by Edraw.

wallpaper example











Can you believe that this beautiful wallpaper  can be finished in less than 10 minutes? Since the shapes are all readily available, you just need to drag and drop them out from the shapes libraries. Adjust them for the best look. Everything is simple.

Features of Wallpaper Design Software

  • From animals to feminine floral, over 8500 vector shapes are offered. By combining these shapes, you can achieve limitless possibilities.
  • Readymade templates that are fully customizable allow you to get started as soon as possible without sacrifice of personality.
  • Functions like auto connection, alignment and distribution of shapes help you design wallpaper faster than ever.
  • Both pen and pencil tools support to draw any kind of shapes or diagrams.

Wallpaper Design Shapes

We offer a wide variety of shapes, clip art and other kinds of symbols to facilitate wallpaper design. They are all vector format and can be recolored, edited and separated. Check them out from the following screenshot.

wallpaper design shapes

In a word, you will fall in love with this amazing tool as long as you try it.

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