6 tips for creating good looking diagrams with Edraw

For people who want to create high-quality and good-looking diagrams, they intend to find an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn software. Luckily, I’ve got one. Edraw is designed with a straightforward interface, which is convenient and handy. Along with the help of pre-drawn templates and shapes, drawing is becoming incredibly easy. Here are some useful tips for you to make your diagram charming and memorable.

1. Apply nice theme color to your document.

To make it easy, you can apply Edraw’s professional pre-defined color theme directly. There is a large collection of pre-defined themes under Page Layout tab. Once you apply a theme, it will immediately affect the      objectives you are drawing.

theme2 theme

You can also customize your own theme colors.




2. Choose the shape styles

Edraw has a large variety of pre-drawn shapes in each template.  Choose the one you like.




3. Learn how to change “fill”, “line” and “shadow” formats under Home tab.

You can see “fill”, “line” and “shadow” buttons under home tab.

theme9     theme10   theme12


4. Use a nice background making your diagram vivid and appealing.

background1  background2

In Edraw’s library, there is a large collection of pre-defined backgrounds for you to choose. You can apply any one by simply dragging to your drawing page. The backgrounds are also designed in vector format, which allows you to edite and change the elements.

  • Use Edraw’s pre-defined background


  •  Edite current background: Click Background View under View tab, select the element that you want to make a change, then edite.

background4  background5  background6

Note: It’s up to the digram type that you decide to add a background or not. Sometimes a white background helps make the document neat and focused.


5.    Use a title bar and add a descriptive title for your diagram.

Simply open the library title category and drag a title bar to your page and input the title.

title1 title2


6. Use clip arts to make your diagram attractive if needed.

Edraw includes more than 5000 vector clip arts which are categorized into different groups as business, animals, finance, business scenes, etc, which you can use directly.

clip art 2   clip art1

Above are some basic functions of Edraw, and it has much more advanced functions and features for you to explore.

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