Technical Drawing with Smart Shapes technology

Edraw Technical’s drag-and-drop interface combined with our Smart Shapes technology means that if someone can use a mouse, they can produce professional-quality drawings. Edraw’s ease of use means first-time users are productive in a few hours, and experienced users find it the most efficient way to create their technical drawings. Edraw Technical’s power and ease of use result in increased employee productivity. Drawings are created more quickly and accurately. Less time is spent looking through manuals, and more time is spent drawing.

Edraw has some important improvement on scientific illustration, flowcharting, org charting, floor plans, mind mapping and MS Office export.

The new version added the Circular Diagram, List and Process types in the Business Diagram Library. Added the Windows UI Design type in the Software Library. Added the Matrix type in the Project Management Library. Added the Mechanics, Optics, Chemistry Equation, Laboratory Equipment, Molecular Model, Mathematics types in the Science Library.

process flowcharts

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