Efficient Software for Custom Wardrobe Designs

Instead of buying ready-made wardrobes, most people incline to customize their own wardrobes according to the room size and specific needs they have. However, sometimes it’s difficult to tell the furniture company your detailed requirements through words. As a result, misunderstandings occur sometimes, and you get the wrong thing finally. Therefore, a visual graphic wardrobe plan is needed, which will be more intuitive and clear.

Edraw Max 7.7, which is released recently, has included a wardrobe plan template. It helps you efficiently design your wardrobes.

It has embedded a special template for wardrobe design, where you can get abundant pre-drawn symbols, such as closet framework, drawer, suitcase, hanger and dresses. Simply drag and drop any symbol or graphic element you want to add. The symbols are in vector format, allowing you to move, resize and rotate easily.

wardrobe symbols

The interface is Microsoft-like that anyone is familiar with. It’s straight forward and easy to use, with no obscured commands to learn. Besides, dynamic help is provided to help eliminate the confusion you might have.

Moreover, we have provided some quality examples for reference. You can choose an example which is most similar to your project and customize to fit your needs. In this way, lots of time will be saved.

When a wardrobe design is done, you can print or export it to different formats according to your requirement. Lots of formats are available, such as PDF, PowerPoint presentation, word document, SVG, PNG and many other graphic formats.

All the features above prove Edraw the best software for custom wardrobe design, no matter for personal use, or for business use.