Powerful vector drawing tool for science diagrams and illustrations

Anyone who opens this article, no matter you are active researchers, academics or students of science, might be troubled in choosing a proper vector drawing tool that best suits your needs. Maybe you are caught in using some primitive tools which are time consuming and difficult to be precise, but you never know there are better choices waiting.

So, which tools are commonly used? Is there any software providing you with solution that meets all your requirements?

Let’s list out the requirements you might have:


  •  I need a tool with high flexibility and less learning curve.
  •  I would like to both hand-draw and drag-and-drop pre-made shapes.
  •  I want to specify the exact locations of curves and shapes with equations when I need better precision.
  •  I expect intuitive interface and automated tools that makes drawing easy.
  •  It has to be vector-based, shapes can be rescaled without any quality loss.


Is it possible to put all the above features together in one tool? The answer is yes! Edraw will do all these things for you.

Why choose Edraw

Edraw is a vector-based drawing tool which is powerful yet easy-to-use. It has exhaustive library symbols from which you can directly find the science shapes you want. You can also hand-draw and specify the shapes with equations. No complicated programming knowledge required. The intuitive interface and automated tools provide you with the most convenient way of drawing. Now it is a good opportunity for you to know Edraw, and make it your best assistant. Please refer to the home page for further knowledge.

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