Learn Happily and Funnily

A fun way to teach or learn: use interesting tree charts. They are great tools in classes to make students’ faces light up and get them involved.

Have a look at some tree chart examples made by Edraw. They are colorful, informative and attractive. Being visually pleasing, tree charts make learning happy and funny.

Tree Chart Examples on Learning English

This one is about morphology. Download it for direct use. You can also edit it such as change the connector style, add fill to the shapes, or change the colors of text.

Syntax Tree Chart

Physics Tree Chart Examples

Tree charts like this one can be applied to illustrate concepts accompanied with tables and other infographics for better effect in teaching and learning. Click the picture to download it.

Physics Tree Chart

Tree Charts on Chemistry

Edraw has prepared some tree charts as templates. These templates are perfectly aligned and distributed automatically.

Chemical Reaction Tree Chart

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