Don’t need to be an artist to get high-class illustration

Edraw Max from EdrawSoft has a new interface along with 100 new features and tools and more than 100 new wizards to simplify a variety of different drawing tasks. With it you can create flowcharts, organization charts, networks, UML diagrams, graphic&charts, directional maps, and a variety of technical diagrams.

circular diagram

Anyone who wants professional quality illustrations in their documents but can’t justify the investment of time and money on a high powered graphics program could be in luck. Edraw may be what you are looking for. It’s an easy-to-use Windows-based drawing program especially designed for creating business diagrams, flow charts, custom maps, signs and the like. The program comes with libraries of ready-made symbols and shapes, plus a variety of configurable textual backgrounds and other effects.
You can begin with predesigned chart and drawing templates, and with much of the process no more difficult than drag, drop, resize, and label, professional results are available even to novices. There are a new interface and more powerful toolbar. The basic shapes are available in the templates to drag and drop into your drawing, and the arrow lines and heads are there also. The drawing area is larger, and you can zoom in up to 3000% using left and right mouseclicks. Automatic features such as auto sizing, antialiasing, and numerous automatic connectors add to the uniform look of your charts and diagrams.
Edraw Max claims you don’t need to be an artist to get high-class results, and that’s borne out in practice. You begin by selecting a suitable background, adjusting colours as required (transparent backgrounds are also available) and then drag and drop shapes or other objects on to this, connecting them with lines also selected from the storehouse. You can add text anywhere in any installed font, size, or colour, with your shapes expanding automatically to accommodate it. You can also resize, move and recolour objects together, or one at a time, with any connecting lines automatically adjusting to your layout.
All this is straightforward, and if you’re used to more traditional drawing programs you’ll be surprised at how quickly Edraw lets you put together your diagrams.
To see the variety of drawings possible or to download a free 30-day trial of the Edraw, go to