Free Teaching and Learning Resources

Here are an assortment of visual materials for improving teaching and learning. Included are pictorial worksheets, appealing flashcards, attractive tree charts and a lot of resources for designing educational materials. Click relevant links for more information.

Flashcards are useful for learning new words. Aided by images, flashcards can help learners understand and memorize the reference and meaning of words better.

Flashcard Example

Worksheets offer an interesting way to check one’s study.

The above materials are enhanced by the vector clipart offered by Edraw. Since our collection of clipart is extensive, you can apply them to design more flashcards or worksheets. The most commonly used clipart pictures are school objects, animal, fruits and vehicle clipart.

Free Clipart for Teaching and Learning

Tree charts are a perfect method to structurize knowledge and show the logical relationship between different points. Edraw offer some tree charts about English, physics, geography and chemistry. You can take advantage of our mind map maker to design similar tree charts easily.

As more and more people are interested in learning Chinese, we have elaborately prepared some materials. You can see how to learn Chinese visually, know more about china in diagrams and learn some Chinese idioms.

China Profile


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