Create Flowcharts, Org Charts, Business Diagrams in Flash

Tired of using complex software for drawing flowcharts? Then try Edraw, with which making flowcharts couldn’t get any easier.

Edraw is a flowchart design software consisting of Basic Flowcharts, Organizational Charts, Workflows, Cross Functional, Data Flow Diagrams, Network Diagrams, Business Diagrams, Process Flowcharts, IDEF0 Flowcharts, Cause & Effect, etc. These are pre-designed images and are
easily adjustable with the size and shape of each block. You can simply pick from the library, which has numerous collection of editable diagrams.
The user can re-arrange and customize the toolbars.

However, we will use the default toolbar settings here. It has three toolbars-a standard toolbar on the top, library toolbar on the left and align and distributed toolbar at the bottom. The Library toolbar contains main tools for drawing and editing shapes and their text.

Start Edraw by clicking on the Edraw in Program Files. A window will open. On the left panel, you can see the basic blocks for drawing flowcharts, Drag the required block and place it on the page you’re working; for giving labels, double click on the blocks itself. You have plenty of Arrows; go to
Arrow Shapes on the Library panel on the left-hand side, drag the Arrow shape to wherever you want.

Here are some tips that will help you out while using the software. In the document window, by default, the grid is displayed for more convenient and precise drawing. It can be disabled from the View/Grid menu or by right clicking on the edit screen. Another quite handy feature with this software is that you can make multiple copies of same image by pressing and holding the CTRL button when dragging a shape. With this, you will drag a copy of the shape instead of the original shape. You can carry the copy to the needed location and release the mouse button to drop it there. When you are in the select mode, you can resize the rectangle by dragging the corresponding resize handle.

start edraw
Before starting the project, you will need to select what type of flowchart you are making
mind map
A mind map created using Edraw, and supports big size and multiple page mind map; inbuilt themes, effects, styles.

Finally after finishing the project you can save it in many formats like pdf, jpeg, bmp, web pages and even XML format.