Create an Exploded Pie Chart

In Edraw, one exploded pie chart can be generated quickly without any hassle. You can explode the pie chart after you have created it. This is a very simple process that will take you just a few minutes but add a whole new look to your diagram. See how to do it below.

  • Start Edraw and open an existing template that is suitable for showing from existing data you have collected.

Drag and drop the template to the canvas.

  • The chart is selected by default after you let go of the mouse button, with the floating action button shown

at the upper right corner and the green selection handles around. Click the floating button to set relevant appearance options. Double click the data to replace it with your own content.

  • After you have created a pie chart and added the final touches, explode slices by selecting each slice.

You need to know how to select the whole shape and how to select the sub shape. Click one time on the chart area to select the entire pie chart. You can tell the whole pie chart is selected because when it is surrounded by square green points. After a few seconds of the first click, the second click will select the sub shape.

  • Click twice on the slice you want to explode.  Hover your mouse over the piece of pie that you want to explode.

Your mouse cursor will turn into a 4-headed arrow.

Exploded Pie Chart

Exploded Pie Chart

  • Drag the slice of pie outwards, away from the rest of the pie in the chart.
  • Release the mouse button. The pie chart will now be exploded with the moved slices of pie broken away from other parts.
  • Click and drag the individual pieces of pie to their new location if you would like to manually adjust the exploding pie chart pieces.

Done. So simple and so easy.