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How to add a hyperlink to a shape in an presentation

A hyperlink is used for automatically displaying another page to show the referenced content. Edraw is a powerful vector drawing software, providing an easy method of adding hyperlink to an existing shape or document. From this article you will learn how to add a hyperlink in detail.


6 tips for creating good looking diagrams with Edraw

For people who want to create high-quality and good-looking diagrams, they intend to find an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn software. Edraw is designed with a straightforward interface, which is convenient and handy. Here are some useful tips for you to create professional and memorable diagrams with Edraw.


8 tips to create better diagrams in a business report

Are diagrams used appropriately in reports? Could they present the information well? These are the questions you need to ask yourselves while using diagrams in business reports, since there are some awful examples appear at times. A poorly-constructed diagram can easily, though unintentionally, mislead and be misconstrued. Here are some useful tips for you to create effective diagrams.

How to change the color of background 0

How to change the color of background

In Edraw there are some pre-defined backgrounds in the library. You can drag them into your canvas. But some body would like to change the color sheme in the pre-defined backgrounds. Take the follow steps to...