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Free Teaching and Learning Resources

Here are an assortment of visual materials for improving teaching and learning. Included are pictorial worksheets, appealing flashcards, attractive tree charts and a lot of resources for designing educational materials. Click relevant links for...

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Best Org Chart Templates

Best Org Chart Templates A bunch of org chart templates of the best quality are available here. Take advantage of these easily editable templates to make your own unique org charts. The Fastest and...


8 tips to create better diagrams in a business report

Are diagrams used appropriately in reports? Could they present the information well? These are the questions you need to ask yourselves while using diagrams in business reports, since there are some awful examples appear at times. A poorly-constructed diagram can easily, though unintentionally, mislead and be misconstrued. Here are some useful tips for you to create effective diagrams.

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How to choose the best diagramming software?

Diagrams can make your presentation more intuitive. Using the right diagramming software will help save your time and energy. But with so many from which to choose, how do you know which diagramming software is the best? Does it have an intuitive interface? Is it easy to use and easy to learn? Can the graphs be exported to PDF or other image formats?

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Edraw Max New Features

Edraw Max V7.6 was released. Some new features are available now. Added a new file format *.eddx, which is more suitable for handling a large number of pictures. EDDX has a smaller file size...

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Edraw Mind Map Freeware is Available

Edraw Mind Map is a free mind mapping application and brainstorming tool with inbuilt templates and examples which makes it very easy to use. You can easily conceptualize your visualization on computer and organize...

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Scientific Illustration Templates is Available Now

Edraw Max is a vector drawing software and includes lots of scientific illustration template and examples which is easy to draw Physical Mechanics Diagrams, Optics illustrations, Chemistry Equation Diagram, Laboratory Equipment Diagram, Molecular Model...

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Edraw Max for Fashion Design

Edraw Max gives you a wide assortment of model, hats, clothes, tops, bottoms, and shoes in a variety of colors and styles. It features simple but highly addictive gameplay, ten unique model with a...